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   Digital Wizards Studios is an independent software and game development studio located in Colorado Springs. We specialize in creating cutting-edge experiences for a diverse range of platforms and projects.

   We are a highly skilled and talented team capable of delivering comprehensive development services. Our expertise spans across a wide spectrum, including immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, as well as tablet, console, and PC games and applications. 

VR and AR



ML Agents

With a robust and extensive background in both AR and  VR development, we are well-equipped to create high-quality VR content that is compatible with various platforms, including standalone headsets and computer-powered devices.

Our team worked with industry-leading companies. We possess the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake the development of complex projects, from initial concept to a polished finished product.

We have a track record of creating high-end virtual simulations for a range of esteemed clients, spanning from mobile applications to immersive VR and AR projects.

Our team has experience in utilizing Unity ML-Agents. We have successfully implemented ML-Agents within our projects, resulting in notable advancements in character behavior and interactions.

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