Aldana Zanetta Intro

Hi! Welcome to my realm of software and game development, my name is Aldana Zanetta, creator of fantastic 3D characters, digital worlds, and otherworldly art. I am responsible for the full art pipeline of Digital Wizards Entertainment. I know how to create high resolution models, low resolution models, animations, textures, and everything in between. I have very high expectations for the future of Digital Wizards Entertainment and I plan to achieve them all.

I was born in Argentina in 1997, I can speak both English and Spanish.

Later when I was three, we moved to the United States.

I started working with 2D and 3D software when I was twelve years old.

At thirteen I had surreal digital paintings in art galleries and at fourteen I worked on my first published video game.

During high school I contributed to various projects and prototypes for other companies and for our own.

I am self-taught, no college or art schools.


I like to create realistic 3D assets, but with extreme optimization.

I have been playing video games as long as I can remember.

When I have time, I like to work on on digital paintings of dragons, surrealism, and fantasy.

I strive for perfection in all of my products.

Every year I am part of an important Comic Con, selling works as a digital painter.

On the art side, I sold more than four hundred prints at various comic cons and art galleries. Most of my clients have more than one of my paintings.

My most famous work is the Treehouse ( On the left), a digital work that I created when I was thirteen years old.

I won many local awards in art, and digital art categorizes.

Another favorite is the White Rabbit portrait, a character for one of my VR games still in development.  

For fun I worked five days on a project called Futuristic Exploration, for a Unity Contest (the Neon Challenge), and won honorable mention link here:




I prefer reading and writing in English but speaking in Spanish.

My favorite thing to do is spend time working on my projects, I feel as if I live for the projects.

Favorite place to be is next to my computer, at the studio.

I spend around fourteen hours a day including weekends developing great products.

I am a night owl, I prefer to work late at night.

My favorite mythical creatures are dragons, any type. I drew them continuously when I was in kindergarten, and the reason why I started to use 2D software was to paint digital fire breathing dragons. If it wasn’t for my love of these mythical creatures I would probably not be in this industry.

And developed applications for the following platforms.
The founders of Digital Wizards Entertainment worked with many notable clients.