We create video games and software

Digital Wizards LLC. Is a Colorado Springs independent software and game development studio created by a veteran with years of experience working with some of the most successful companies in the software and game industry. We have a strong and talented team with fundamental development capabilities for all types of projects. Ranging from the creation of artificial intelligence software to VR, AR, simulations, mobile, tablet, console and PC games and applications.

video games

Our team has a long trajectory working with some of the most successful companies in the software and game industry. 

We have  the knowledge and skill to develop complex video games; Concept to finish product. 

Vr and Ar

We have a strong and experience background developing for both AR and VR. We can create high quality VR content, that works for both stand alone and computer powered headsets.


Real-time Simulations


We developed high end virtual simulations for many notable clients.

Ranging from mobile applications to VR and AR projects. 


machine learning agents

Experience working with Unity ML-agents. Our team has used ML-agents in video games to improve NPC character intelligence.

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We have the experience to develop for a variety of platforms.
The founders of Digital Wizards LLC. worked with many notable clients.
And developed for the following platforms.